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Enriching the connection between pets and their families 

We are dedicated to creating a friendly and professional experience for you and your pets. 



How would you like your pet to be while you are not home? Happy and treated as one of the pack? At The Comb & Collar you should expect nothing less. We believe pets should be as relaxed as possible at all times. Crated only at night, your pet will be on multiple daily walks, play time sessions, and of course lots of snuggles! Does your pet need special medication? No problem while they are at TC&C facility. Highly trained staff can administer a wide variety of medication forms. With a trusted veterinarian only 5 minutes away, any crisis would be handled with the utmost urgency and diligence. Do you have a pet that will do better at home, but needs a visit or two a day? We've got you covered. Check- ins are easy to coordinate to feed, potty, and and do general clean up.  At TC&C we treat every pet as our own. 


Boarding Rules and Regulations

During your pet's stay we will adhere to their normal schedule as much as possible. Normal feeding times are 8am & 6pm. For larger dogs there will be a longer exercise/play time in a fenced in area, depending on the weather. Smaller & senior dogs will have a shorter time outside, but have a minimum of 5 outdoor breaks. All dogs will go into a sufficiently sized crate or run at night.  Your pet will be fed their regular diet only, which you are required to bring. We welcome pet parents to check on their pets via call or text, however we ask that you keep these inquiries during business hours (9am-5pm). In the case of an emergency feel free to inquire anytime. Pick-up & drop-off times are during business hours. Anything outside of these hours will require an additional nights fee. Saturdays & Sundays pick-ups or drop-offs will be at specifically scheduled times due to schedule inconsistencies. There will be NO pick-ups or drop-offs during these holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, & Christmas. NO EXCEPTIONS.    


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